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Have you experienced any of these in network marketing?

  1. You felt trapped. The free trainings you receive from your company or upline team didn't exactly empower you to become an entrepreneur, but instead pushing you to become a sales machine.
  2. You felt misaligned. Your weekly team training focused too much on selling skills, instead of training on all other areas such as leadership, priority management, relationship marketing, social media branding, copywriting, networking and overall becoming a better human being.
  3. You felt demotivated. Uplines are still teaching you and your team old norm strategies that no longer work in the new norm, but continue to tell you that if they can do it, you can do it too.
  4. You felt hindered. You are leading a small team with limited resources. You've run out of ideas on what to teach them and how to improve the team's productivity.
  5. You felt stuck. Your team is willing to put in the work (that's great!) but you've hit a plateau on mentoring them further. You're spending too much time holding their hands and neglecting your own progress.
  6. You felt helpless. Hiring an external trainer to train your team is too costly, and not all of them show up for the training. You wish to have a trainer to train them every week, but everyone in your team has to focus on sales & recruitment too.
  7. You felt unproductive. Your team is largely misusing their social media. They're mainly adopting the 'spray and pray' strategy of posting commercial content (testimonies, zoom event posters, promos and deals) hoping to get some engagements. You don't know how to teach them a better way because you're as clueless as them!

Almost every student in my 1:1 coaching course told me at the beginning, that they were facing at least 3—if not all—of the above problems in their network marketing business.

You too can help your team avoid all the above costly problems!

Join the global community of True Attributes Coaching Club (TAC Club) and grow your network marketing business with your team!

You get fresh monthly contents and trainings on:

🪄 leadership
🪄 networking
🪄 marketing
🪄 sales
🪄 motivation
🪄 team building
🪄 personal development
🪄 social media strategies
🪄 content copywriting tips

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